Bows Whether you are looking for the latest top of the line bow or looking to get into the sport; we have something for you.  Most of us at Treetop believe in the bows we

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Targets As an archer we have the unique ability to practice from anywhere.  Treetop carries the best brands of targets for your specific need.  Whether you just like shooting a target bag or want to

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Used Items

Used Items For Sale At Treetop Archery, we sometimes have items that are brought in to be sold used.  Every item that we sell is reviewed to make sure there are no noticeable defects or

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Bowtech “Refuse to Follow” Their mission is to provide the most advanced archery products and […]

Elite Archery Meaningful innovation drives everything they do at Elite Archery. Their bows are built […]

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Our Commitment

Here at Treetop Archery we believe that you deserve the best customer service, the highest quality gear, and personal attention.  Our competitors treat everyone as a potential sale.  We believe your needs 

  • Each new bow purchase comes with the 1 on 1 attention to insure that the bow fits you and is comfortable to shoot.
  • Each set of arrows can be cut to the exact size you need; insuring the best quality arrow flight.
  • We fletch arrow shafts and can line up the fixed blades as the shooter desires.
  • We commit to provide the best customer service and gear.
Treetop Archery made the 2017 list of top 50 dealer in the world and more importantly, the top dealer in the southeast.  That is just one example of our commitment to provide you the best service of anyone around!
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