HHA Sights

HHA Sights


With over 30 years in the industry and the past 13 as the leader in single pin technology, the masses have spoken.

The Optimizer is hands down the brand of choice for movable sight aficionados everywhere. American made and backed by a 100% lifetime warranty, it's packed with exclusive features that set HHA apart from the competition. If you haven't yet, get yours today and Join The Crowd!


We've done it all through the years: releases, stabilizers, arrows rests, even targets. For more than a decade, our focus has been solely on building sights. From the beginning archer to the most seasoned tournament shooter and everyone in between, we've got an Optimizer for you. Producing the BEST single pin adjustable sight in the world is all we do...and nobody does it better.
100% LIFETIME WARRANTY Made in the U.S.A.
With the best warranty in the business, all HHA products are made in the USA and carry a 100% lifetime guarantee. Should your product fail, return it to us and it will be repaired or replaced within 48 hours and returned to you.