Muzzy Broadheads

Muzzy Broadheads

There is nothing like the trophy you shot.

It’s one of a kind. It is your story from beginning to end. The size of the antlers, the age of the deer, the location, time of day were all part of a moment in time never to be repeated.

You chose the spot many years ago. This is not the first animal you’ve killed here nor will it be the last. You know every facet of the landscape and the game trails that have been used for centuries. This ritual is not new to you, it’s been played out by generations of your family.

A collection of trophies defines your history. Everyone has a unique story. The stories have been repeated over and over at camp. Everyone has heard them repeated many times over the years, but they just keep getting better. They are trophies they all remember and admire. They define your families legacy.

A lot of things are changing in this world but some things remain constant. Bowhunting is your tradition. Your history. It’s what defines you.

You own this!

Still wondering if you should shoot the Trocar HB/HBX? Let me clear things up for you.

Posted by Muzzy Broadheads on Thursday, October 26, 2017