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Welcome to the New Breed Nation!

The continued success of New Breed Archery has given them the opportunity to present a new lineup of bows for 2017, including the XL versions of our popular Blade and GX2 bows. The modifications they made for their XL models make these bows even more effective killing machines.

When they introduced the Cyborg target bow in 2009, it quickly became highly regarded, widely recognized and sought after as one of the best target bows in the industry. This year they are pleased to reintroduce the Cyborg 2. This incredible bow has been eight years in the making—it IS the next level target bow. We took the proven features of the Cyborg and the innovative features of the Elevation and combined them together to create the ultimate target bow. They are thrilled to present the Cyborg 2 for 2017 and can’t wait for you to share your results with them.

This year New Breed is excited to return to its traditional roots with the co-branded New Breed RK1 Recurve powered by Striker Bows. Kyle Null, Jr's first bow was a recurve that his father made for him, so this bow has been a labor of love for him to work with the folks at Striker Bows to create their first co-branded traditional bow.

As in previous years, all New Breed bows come standard with titanium and stainless steel hardware, making weather corrosion and rust obsolete. The 2017 riser design features an extra rear stabilizer insert to allow you to balance the bow to your individual needs and touch to achieve your best personal performance on every shot. The premium Gordon Glass split limbs are designed for maximum forgiveness and consistent cam tracking placement, while the two-piece limb pocket gives you maximum limb stabilization and alignment, shot after shot.

But this is just the beginning of the changes to their bows at New Breed Archery. Their passion about archery and bowhunting can be seen in the time taken to create the most innovative products they can. Each year they try to improve on the year before and are so pleased to share the results of this hard work with you, our valued customers.

No Hype. Just Hunt.

Why Choose New Breed Archery?


• Maintain an innovative environment with the utmost attention to detail
• Challenge the status quo of the industry


• Execute work without tolerance for defects
• Maintain a challenging environment to promote better and more efficient products
• Constantly learn, set challenging goals, and take pride in all work performed


• Understand and meet customers' needs with patience
• Address any issue with great diligence and the highest level of professionalism
• Treat customers with the same attention and respect we ourselves would expect



The Beginning of New Breed Archery

Apple, Harley Davidson, Google, New Breed Archery...what do they all have in common? They all got their start in a garage. NBA President, Kyle Null, reflects on the beginnings of New Breed Archery. #NoHypeJustHunt

Posted by New Breed Archery on Thursday, August 27, 2015