Our People

Our People

At Treetop Archery you find an unparalleled personal experience from our knowledgeable staff.  Our staff will personally see that you are taken care of and that you feel welcome and comfortable in the store and with your equipment.  We truly treat every piece of equipment as if that equipment was our own.

Carl H.

Treetop Archery Manager Carl shooting bow
Manager & Master Tech

Carl has been shooting a bow for 34 years! He has competed in 12 ASA competitions on the state level along with 2 top five finishes in the IBO Southern Triple Crown. In addition to competition shooting, Carl’s decades of hunting experience makes him a lethal woodsman and hunter! He loves to bow hunt any wild game that is eatable including whitetail deer, turkey, wild hog, and hopefully one day elk. The one thing about Carl is that he treats every single bow as if it was his personal equipment and he takes exceptional pride in everything he does!


Treetop Archery owner David image
Founder & Owner

David is founder and owner of Treetop Archery. He is an avid bow hunter with 20 years of archery and hunting experience. While David might not admit it, he is our resident bowfishing specialist and expert! He has the boats and bows on ready for any chance at bowfishing!


Treetop Archery Eli Arrow Tech
Arrow Tech

Eli loves the outdoors and hunting with his bow for all kinds of critters. He's been bow hunting since the age of 11 and is quite the exceptional archer. Although Eli is new to the technician role, he is our arrow tech and apprentice bow technician. Keep an eye out for Eli as his skills improve as he becomes a masterful bow technician!


Treetop Archery Arrow Tech
Bow & Arrow Tech

Need some details on this.


Treetop Archery Bella Greeter

Bella is the greeter here at Treetop. She also is the babysitter and wife sitter for the group. You will not meet a sweeter girl than Bella.