Rage Broadheads

Feed your hunger.

Bowhunter is your tribe.

Bowhunter is your color.

Bowhunter is your life.

Feed your Bowhunter.

Thoughts of last archery season, stories of seasons before that, and next year's hunt feed the hunger. You’ve got a new bow. Dreams of slinging hundreds of arrows down range to perfect your skill fill your thoughts. Planning and preparation for your next hunt feeds the hunger. But it returns. Over andover. The hunger for Bowhunting is insatiable. Throughout the year the hunger grows. No matter how much it’s fed. Plant food plots. Cut shooting lanes. Place tree stands. Check trail cameras. Still the hunger grows . . .

One eye is always scouting your next meal. Your strategy is to out wit that buck of a lifetime who never appeared in the daylight last year. Honing and sharpening your tactics until the one moment when time seems to completely stop and the arrow is released . . . RAGE Slipcam Broadheads are the world's best mechanical Broadheads. Rage is known for accuracy. Rage wound channels are legendary. Rage blood trail stories live on year after year. Choose Rage to feed the hunger.