Ripcord Arrow Rests, dependable and accurate!


If the original owner has a part break for any reason, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

The Ripcord® Arrow Rest is well-built and designed to last. It is precision-machined from blocks of lightweight aluminum and features rounded edges and contoured surfaces for a finished, professional look. Best of all, Ripcord is backed by this rock solid guarantee:


Ripcord’s line of rests for 2018 are loaded with innovative features that deliver the best accuracy and performance possible. The new Ripcord Max delivers unmatched accuracy with a precision ball bearing drive mechanism, and a vault lock cord drive that makes set up easier than ever. Our limb driven Ripcord Drive combines simplicity with versatility, allowing set up to the top or bottom limb. It also features the precision ball bearing drive, and allows you to change the launcher angle for ultimate tuning. The X-change target rest can be taken off the bow for travel or switching set ups, and features the only micro adjustable blade angle. All of these rests are available with micro adjust to fine tune accuracy even more. All come with a lifetime warranty. All made right here in the USA. Whatever style of rest you prefer, we’ve got you covered!


LAUNCHER STAYS UP – Ripcord MAX features FireFall design. The launcher falls only when you fire, not when you let down.


ABSOLUTELY NO LAUNCHER BOUNCEBACK The launcher break is another Ripcord innovation. High-speed footage shows that many other fall-away rests bounce back right into the path of the arrow vanes, defeating the purpose of falling away. Ripcord features the very first dual-brake system that absolutely ensures there is no launcher bounceback.


PATENT-PENDING RIGHTTIME FALL-AWAY SYSTEM Fall-away rests offer forgiveness by eliminating the transfer of your bow hand torque to the arrow. Yet the launcher also offers stability to the arrow upon release. With the help of high-speed footage, we’ve identified the optimal point of fall-away. The Ripcord launcher fully supports the arrow in its first few critical inches of forward travel before falling away.


EXTREME MICRO-ADJUSTABILITY FOR OPTIMAL REST TUNING (MICRO-ADJUST MODEL ONLY) Professional target archers depend on micro-adjustable rests to precisely fine-tune their bows. With the Ripcord Micro-Adjust, you’ll be able to do the same. You won’t believe how well your bow will shoot after fine-tuning your rest like never before. The left/right and up/down micro-adjustment allow you to totally dial in your rest for the ultimate in bow shooting performance.



ULTRA SLIMLINE LAUNCHER FOR 46% MORE VANE CLEARANCE Vane design has changed radically in the last several years. Vanes have become shorter, stiffer and taller in an effort to better control broadheads. Most arrow rest manufacturers have not kept up with vane innovation. The MAX allows more clearance on curved riser shelf sidewalls.These new taller vanes create a clearance problem and, on some rests, will actually hit the launcher even when the launcher is in the fully down position. Ripcord MAX features the first narrow hunting launcher for fall-away rests. Our Ultra SlimLine launcher gives you up to 46% more vane clearance—more than any other full containment, fall-away rest. In addition, many new bows have curved or scooped riser shelves.


This new shelf design can cause a wide launcher (which you will find on many other fall-away rests) to bottom out and bounce back right into the path of the arrow, causing extreme vane interference. The narrow launcher on a Ripcord X-CHANGE won’t hit these curved sidewalls.


The ThumbCock on the MAX launcher allows you to load your arrow and cock the rest with just one hand for quick and easy arrow loading.


YOUR ARROW WON’T FALL OFF Thanks to its FireFall design, Ripcord MAX offers 100% Fulltime Arrow Containment. At no time is your arrow not contained.