Make the Shot!

Is it that simple?

Can you make the shot no matter the conditions?

You only get one chance. Tru-Fire releases give you confidence and control when you need it most. All Tru-Fire releases have been designed to shoot accurately and with ease, allowing you to shoot consistently, expanding your potential. Tru-Fire Quality works when you need it most. Become one with your connection to the bow. Raise your potential, Improve your success.

100% American made and loaded with useful and unique innovations. TruFire has become the largest release manufacturer in the world. Engineered innovations like our proprietary heat treating process and stringent 200lb load testing ensure that every TruFire release is built to exceed expectations and will remain dependable for years of hunting success. We stand by our products, and to prove that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on every TruFire release.

When Tru-Fire designs a new product, they want to make certain it gives you, the consumer, years of trouble-free use and dependability. One of the first issues they address is using the same material on the internal firing mechanism. This is important because when different metals with different hardnesses are combined in a firing mechanism, premature wear can and often times will occur. Be careful, other release companies firing mechanisms are made from different metals altogether. Tru-Fire, on the other hand, designs firing mechanisms to utilize the same metal and hardness on all of our release firing components.